Photography Challenge: Week 3 Meal Times

Good morning lovelies, once again I have to apologise, my memory is like a sieve and I’m a day late posting, I’m going to have to start writing it in my diary to remind me…..and then I’ll have to remember to actually look at my diary haha.

I’m not going to lie I struggled with the weeks PineappleLime Challenge theme a little, mostly because when its a meal time I’m usually eating as quickly as I can! But I managed to catch a couple of shots!


This weeks theme is the favourite…. this one should be a lot easier to keep up with for me!

I’m really excited too as some of my photos were featured in Andi’s post introducing the February Challenge.



Photography Challenge: Week 2 Outdoors

Hello lovelies,

I had every intention of posting yesterday but ended up spending more of the day at the hospital for my scan and appointment than I had intended! So here I am today instead to share my weekly round up of the PineappleLime  challenge.


I had to throw in a few throwbacks this week due to Amelia being at nursery and the weather being so utterly dismal and cold.

This weeks theme is meal times.

Hello 2018

Happy New Year my lovelies, I hope you all had a fabulous festive period!

I’ve decided this year to attempt to up my photography game more, and get back in to doing it for me and photographing what I want to see. I ended up putting too much focus last year in to what others would want to see and I felt like I lost my ‘style’.

Anyway I stumbled across Andi at PineappleLime‘s photo challenge. Each week she gives a different theme to photograph daily, encouraging you to think outside the box and capture the moments you don’t want to forget and progress your photography from everyday snapshots to memories you want to share.

Today is day 4 and I am already really loving this, and although my photos are of the same subject so far, she is my favourite person in the world and I want to capture every little bit of her.

So here I am sharing the first 3 days of this challenge (close-ups), and inviting you to join in! Normally I intend to round these shots up in to a weekly post but as I’ve not posted in a while I thought I’d pop on and share the fun now.


Are you challenging yourself this year? If so what challenges has you set?