Kid friendly Halloween flicks

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays, only partially because my birthday is the day before but also because it’s just such a cool time of year.

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One of the best things about Halloween is the excuse to snuggle up and watch spooky movie (not that I need an excuse!). I used to love horror movies but these days I’m all about the kid friendly flicks. So here’s my compiled list of top weird, wonderful and spooky kid friendly Halloween movies.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

06-dyk-nightmareEverybody loves a little Jack and Sally, obviously the movie doubles up as both Halloween and Christmas compulsory viewing and just so happens to be a favourite of mine and Amelia’s, the kid has great taste. The movie has a fun plot and great singalong worthy songs peppered throughout. Class A viewing for all ages!

Hocus Pocus


This has been a firm favourite of mine since before I can remember. I adore Bette Midler and this movie just makes me love her even more.



Amelia’s favourite, she used to have me watch this on repeat, a child friendly zombie movie, winner!



Labyrinth has always and will always be a favourite, I absolutely worship David Bowie, the man is a God. And the artwork involved in the making of this movie blows me away. While studying art at college I focused one of my research pieces entirely on Brian Froud’s work, primarily his artwork from this movie.



Coraline is a film adaptation of a book by one of my most favourite authors, Neil Gaiman. Although I had read books by Gaiman before watching Coraline, I hadn’t actually read that specific book. But I still instantly fell in love with it, and despite the incredibly creepy other mother Amelia also is a huge fan!

Corpse Bride


Corpse Bride is one of those that I actually really love but often forget about, I don’t know why that is. I love that the afterlife is brighter and more colourful than the living world.

Harry Potter


Movies about witches and wizards and the magical, wonderful world they live in and the struggles they face. I’m a huge Potterhead, I live, love and breath Harry Potter and routinely reread the books almost every year. But the movies make for great viewing and my little lady is starting to become a fan of them too which warms my heart immensely!

What are your favourite Halloween movies? Can you recommend anymore? Do we share a love of the same films?



Autumn days are here

Autumn is my favourite season. It’s home to so many of my favourite things, so I thought why not share a few of those things as a soft way to ease myself back in to blogging?

Here are a few of my favourite autumnal things;

The colours

Warmer clothes

Crisp mornings


Bonfire toffee

My birthday

Snuggly evenings

Hot chocolate


Comfort food

Crunchy leaves

Blankets, cuddling and books




What’s your favourite things about Autumn?

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Change is good. Change is healthy.

I decided to change the name of my blog. Little Things is the name of my photography business, and I decided that I didn’t want this blog to be another extension of that business. I wanted it to be fun, a little escape from everything else and a place to put my ramblings. It will still heavily feature my photography but not the business side of it, just the everyday bits and pieces. In light of that I chose the name an autumnal soul because I feel, like the season, my soul is ever changing.

I hope you’ll still join me!

You look like a movie.

Last week, while A was at nursery, me and one of my best friends took a little trip to Darley Abbey Park for a mini shoot. It was a bit of a miserable day but we still managed to get some pretty shots and I really liked the outcome. There’s definitely a few things I need and want to improve on so I’ve been making notes on those areas. I do love a bit of home learning!


We met this beauty while we were out too, such a beautiful pup and so well trained and sweet!


Remember to Explore: Carsington Water

Another week, another adventure! This time we jumped in the car on a Saturday afternoon and decided last minute to head out to Carsington Water. I haven’t been there in years. It was such a beautiful day as well, best we’ve had so far this year I think!

Mils, as expected gravitated straight towards the water and had to be coaxed away with the promise of returning to throw more stones before we left. We spent a happy couple of hours snapping pics of the kids throwing stones in to the water before wandering a little further round to sit and munch on a picnic, courtesy of Ash, then heading slowly back to the car. We didn’t get very far round so, I definitely want to go again at some point. It’s so easy to get distracted when the kids were so happy just playing in the water.


Adventure is out there.

I have a friend, a mommy friend, a very good friend, who as often as we can we get our kids together, partially for them but mostly so we can have a good natter and retain our sanity! I’m incredibly grateful for her for a number of reasons but one reason is for our shared interest in preserving memories in the form of photos! That and we have a mutual understanding that even with the best laid plans, having kids means, s**t happens., so there’s no pressure if you need to cancel last minute or if you rock up covered in stains from god knows what, with your hair unbrushed and yesterdays make up smeared across your face. It works.

Anyway, back to the purpose of this post! My friend mentioned that there was a place nearby, that she wanted to visit and with her new camera to have a test play. So one Saturday afternoon we packed up the kids and our cameras and drove to Osmaston Park in Ashbourne. It took us a while to figure out where it was ok to park up and what not but once we sussed it we started exploring. The estate is absolutely beautiful, its easy to imagine how lush the area would look in the full throes of Summer with blue skies and the lush greens of the surrounding trees. It’s not difficult to see why it holds a popular wedding venue. We didn’t get to explore very far that day, partially due to A’s uncontrollable need to jump in every, single puddle along the path (The girl had so much water in her wellies that they made that gross suction sound as I pulled them off!) but we will definitely head back again when the weather is better!

The trip out there though got us thinking, our local area has so many things to offer in terms of great views, local history etc. And yet how often do we actually go and explore these areas? I know for me it’s not very often, largely down to me never having passed my driving test (if only I had a time turner) so we’ve made it our mission, a bucket list, of all the places we can visit this year, that don’t cost a small fortune (time’s are tough!) So come on summer…. let’s be having you!!

Do you explore your local areas? What are your favourite hidden gems?