52 Week Challenge – Week 11

The prompt for this week was Books…

I’m incredibly grateful that A takes after me in that she likes books almost as much as I do… it’s definitely a common interest we share. She loves to be read to, and I love reading to her.

I’ve read quite a few books already this year (well, quite a few considering I don’t have as much down time as I used to!) so I was thinking about maybe sharing what I’ve been reading in another post, not reviews as such, but how I’ve felt about them, what I intend to read next etc and I’m always game for a recommendation if you have any?


Adventure is out there.

I have a friend, a mommy friend, a very good friend, who as often as we can we get our kids together, partially for them but mostly so we can have a good natter and retain our sanity! I’m incredibly grateful for her for a number of reasons but one reason is for our shared interest in preserving memories in the form of photos! That and we have a mutual understanding that even with the best laid plans, having kids means, s**t happens., so there’s no pressure if you need to cancel last minute or if you rock up covered in stains from god knows what, with your hair unbrushed and yesterdays make up smeared across your face. It works.  Continue reading “Adventure is out there.”