Great Christmas traditions to start with your kiddos.

Happy December lovely readers!

How quickly did we get to December this year?! I feel like I’ve only just put away last years decorations!

Anyway, over the last three years of having Amelia here for Christmas’ (this will be her 4th Christmas) we’ve picked up a few little traditions. Some have evolved from traditions from my own childhood, some have picked up from here and there.

Decorating the tree together.


This is one of those traditions that carried on from my own childhood, I have fond memories of me and my brother ‘helping’ my mum decorate the tree and getting up the next morning to find our artfully arranged clusters of decorations much more evenly distributed/completely rearranged. Of course, now I have my own little pint size helper elf I understand completely why that happened haha. Millie also now has her own little Christmas tree that she can decorate and take apart as much as she pleases.

I love setting the Christmas tone with Christmassy smells in the form of candles, Christmas music playing in the background while hanging those decs.

Book advent

The book advent is one I really love, I got the idea from Pinterest in Amelia’s first year of life and we’ve done it every year since (apparently I didn’t snap last years though). The idea is you chose 24 books and wrap them individually, pop them under the tree for your kiddos to choose one each night to open. Every night they get to choose and unwrap a mystery story and you get to spend quality time snuggled up reading to them. They don’t have to be new books either, I pick most of them from her already large collection of books. But every year I get one or two new wintery/Christmas themed books for her so that theres some new material. Millie gets really excited when she sees the book shaped presents stashed under the tree.

Christmas Eve Boxes


Every year on Christmas eve as kids we had new pjs to snuggle in to and I carried that on in to my adult life, and passed it on to Amelia too. Then last year, with Millie being older and having more excitement and understanding, we evolved it a little to Christmas eve boxes to really add to the excitement. We wrapped up a bunch of activities and treats for her to open and get in to the Christmas spirit. Last year’s box contained quite a bit but this year’s is more toned down as a lot of last year’s stuff was things to last, like a Christmas blanket and Santa cushion, Christmassy mugs and Christmas bedding, on top of that we also included Christmas activities for the day time, a Christmas movie, slippers, snacks, hot chocolate, and of course fresh new pjs. We loved it. It made the whole day even more special and dare I say it, magical.

Do you have any Christmas traditions? Tell me about them!


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