52 Week Challenge – Week 6

Week 6- On the shelf

The only shelves we have in our house are filled with books, my books and A’s books. My other half doesn’t get it, he’s not a reader, he always asks me why I don’t get rid of books once I’ve read them……get….rid….of….books……nope, that sentence doesn’t comprehend! I love diving into those familiar worlds time and time again. Losing myself in the stories. I love to love the heroes and love to hate the villains (or sometimes vice versa!) I’m thankful that Amelia loves books too, her collection is almost as good as mine. She, like me found a love of books really early in her little life and she will happily sit and listen to me reading her the works of Roald Dahl as well as smaller stories like, I like Books, We’re going on a bear hunt and the Gruffalo. And my favourite thing is finding her sat by herself with a book ‘reading’ it out loud {she’s only 2 so isn’t reading the words but her memory for stories is wonderful). I really look forward to introducing her to all my favourites as she gets older, she’s already listened to some Harry Potter, I’m hoping she nerds out about that series as much as I still do after all this time (always)

See what I did there…

What books do you like? Any recommendations?


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