Hello Lovelies,

The lurgey has hit my littlest love, and not just a little snuffle but we’re talking overnight her nose has transformed itself into a tap, she sounds like she’s talking through cotton wool, she can barely even stand to have her hair brushed because her skins a bit sore and she wakes in the night sobbing because she wants me to, and I quote “take her bogeys out please mummy”.So last night whilst she was in the first throws of the dreaded cold bug, we decided it would be best to have snuggles on the sofa watching a movie (Paranorman, for the 500th time this week….and yes I know it’s only Tuesday) under her Elsa blanket with a cup of warm milk and some soft, warm bounty cookies for my little coconut loving crazy.  I hate it when she’s poorly, I hate the feeling of helplessness, but oh boy, do I love those snuggles!

What’s your favourite comfort remedy when you’re poorly? Do you have little ones? What do they like to do to feel better?