Meet Neville.

Neville is my Nikon D3100, I’ve had him for about 4 years now. I started off using him on his auto modes for a while, yes I know, naughty me! But it helped it getting a feel of how he worked and what kind of quality I could expect having moved up from my Fujifilm bridge camera.

I’d played around with Nikons during my time at college so I knew that a Nikon would be my first ‘professional’ camera. After a while I braved switching to manual and I haven’t looked back since. I realised recently though that whilst I had been using it on manual, I wasn’t necessarily using it correctly, I noticed my images were often turning out not quite as I’d imagined it. So I started to look in to what I was doing wrong and how I could teach myself to do better. And here we are, this is my little adventure in to learning a new skill and seeing where it can take me.