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52 Week Challenge -Week 7

Week 7 brings the prompt Shadow…I wasn’t really sure what to do with that one, nothing really jumped up and slapped me in the face but then today when I popped out with my little, to get some emergency flapjack (that’s a thing right?), Continue reading “52 Week Challenge -Week 7”

52 Week Challenge – Week 6

Week 6- On the shelf

The only shelves we have in our house are filled with books, my books and A’s books. My other half doesn’t get it, he’s not a reader, he always asks me Continue reading “52 Week Challenge – Week 6”

Little One has the Lurgey

Hello Lovelies,

The lurgey has hit my littlest love, and not just a little snuffle but we’re talking overnight her nose has transformed itself into a tap, she sounds like she’s talking through cotton wool, she can barely even stand to have her hair brushed because her skins a bit sore and she wakes in the night sobbing because she wants me to, and I quote “take her bogeys out please mummy”. Continue reading “Little One has the Lurgey”

52 Week Challenge – Week 5

Hello Lovelies, Week 5’s prompt was SOOC. I’m not gonna lie…..I totally had to google this, so for those of you who don’t know it means Straight of off camera! Continue reading “52 Week Challenge – Week 5”

Remember to Explore: Newcastle

Hello Lovelies,

This weekend was spent in Gateshead at my Grandmas and as my cousin is also into photography we decided to take a trip in to Newcastle City Centre to take some pictures.

Continue reading “Remember to Explore: Newcastle”

52 Week Challenge – Week 4

Week 4, how are we a month in to a new year already?! It’s crazy how quickly time seems to go nowadays.

Continue reading “52 Week Challenge – Week 4”

Brief Moments of Quiet.

We were all a little late getting up this morning, Mils had woken in the night and spent a happy couple of hours repeatedly waking me to get in our bed for 5 mins before returning to her own to wait until I was just being lulled in to a false sense of security and drifting off before she would repeat the process. It’s a good job I love her! Continue reading “Brief Moments of Quiet.”

52 Week Challenge – Week 3

Hello Lovelies, Week 3 gave me the prompt Upside Down. I tried not to think about it too much (I’m an awful overthinker) and just waited for an opportunity or idea to present itself.

I’m hoping that at some point I’ll get a little better with the written part of my posts, until then, please bare with me,hehe.


52 Week Challenge – Week Two

Hello lovelies,

Week Two’s prompt is Time. It didn’t take me long to work this one out. One of my favourite things to photograph is moments I want to remember. Just the Little Things in life. So here it is,¬†time¬†well spent.


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